EVERYONE’S A HUNTER, Part 1: Hunting, Ignorance, and the End of the World.

I’m a big fan of the genre Sci-fi, and I always like to think about little stories in my head that I might someday put on paper, and in my thoughts I commonly think of an apocalypse. What I’ve come to realize is that our world is fragile, and that there is so much that can go wrong with our world. Though it makes interesting subjects for Sci-fi books it isn’t fun, but then again will it really happen? Hopefully I didn’t confuse you too badly, but what I’m trying to say is that this world may look big, and strong, but it can’t protect us from what we do to ourselves. By reading this blog post on what ever device you’re using whether it’s a computer, a tablet, or whatever in it’s creation the pollution from the factory it was made in probably contributed to the deaths of, animals, insects, and even people from small children, too the elderly. (But this blog in particular didn’t kill anything, just saying.) I haven’t even started with car pollution, and deforestation which you, and me have already probably contributed to as well. You’re probably already asking what does this have to do with hunting? Well it does: Ignorance.


I’m not saying that hunting is necessarily good, and everyone is entitled to an opinion, so if you’re against hunting I’m totally okay with that, but you can’t argue about a topic without knowing the facts. You can’t say hunting is horrible, because you watched Bambi. Seriously, you have to know the facts.  If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you watch the award winning documentary ‘Food Inc.’ It’s about the terrifying realities of the food industry, and revealing the truth of what we’re really eating, before this blog post becomes an advertisement, any food that hasn’t come from the wild isn’t what it seems. Even plants, meat, and basically, anything else not from the wild has pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, drugs, and diseases that can kill people, oh wait it already has! From E. coli, too contaminated foods it’s happened before, and will keep happening until it’s stopped. So we’re letting factories, and companies do all sorts of things to our food, yet there are anti hunter protests 24/7, because we killed Bambi?


Not to my final subject of the first part of this topic: The end of the world. Now I don’t think it will come in a very long time, but it definitely can. Humans have the power to do so, from nuclear bombs, too chemical, and biological weapons, we got it all. Why did I add the whole thing about hunting then? It’s because it represent how many people don’t know the facts about something as big as the very food they put into their stomachs, because it is too complicated, yet they protest about something that doesn’t even affect them, but is simple. That’s terrifying too think about… What could be happening behind the curtain of the media, that the general public oversees, and is the deadliest weapon of all our own ignorance. I’ll just leave that to you to think about.



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