Misunderstanding Hunting

BlogMisunderstanding Hunting.

The common misunderstanding with hunting is that hunters are mindless insane killers. That is a very inaccurate statment. Hunters have been villainized in cartoons, and movies, but that is very wrong. Hunters, and fishers don’t actually kill for the fun of it, hunters, and fishers do their thing because, supermarket meat isn’t meat. Supermarket meat are commonly made at factories, where the animals are feed corn that gives them E. coli, or the remnants of their parents, and other cows. Gross, but true. What really matters is that the animal is respected. That means you treat the animal with respect, and kill the animal with respect. To conclude this paragraph hunters don’t kill animals too mount their heads on the wall, and show off to their friends, but to have meat that isn’t drugged, or given hormones. Here’s a statistic to wrap your head around 80% of antibiotics are used on farm animals, but I’m not saying everyone should hunt, I’m just trying to say hunting isn’t as bad as it seems.


Hunters, in Ontario, and I believe every where else in north america, hunters have to take numerous classes, and buy many licenses to hunt legally. Hunting, and gun classes are important, because they educate hunters of safety to them selves, other hunters, and non-hunters. There are numerous classes to take as an Ontario some even include holding,  and controlling actual firearms. There are also licenses you have to buy to legally hunt. Licenses are pretty hard to explain, and this only applies in Ontario, so let’s get started. to hunt at all in Ontario you have to get an Outdoors card. And then Ontario is divided into sections, each sections has a certain number of animal licenses available, to prevent over hunting. all the licenses cost a certain amount, all money is given to hunting organizations to preserve forests, and prevent extinctions.

To recap, Hunting is very often misunderstood, and villainized in Cartoons, and movies. Hunters often respect the animals they kill. Supermarket meat usually comes from animals that are on antibiotics, and hormones. Hunting is very safe, and hunting organizations support the ecosystem. Hopefully you enjoyed this blog, and you learned a lot!


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