Hunting Through The Ages

Hunting Through The Ages

Hunting has been used to collect food, and meat ever since the beginning of humanity. Some evidence from Kenya show hunting existed among humans for 2 million years. Though some scientists, believe humans were scavengers before they knew about hunting. But anyhow hunting has existed among animals, and humans for as long as the world itself.


Hunting has changed greatly throughout the ages, from weapons, to tactics, to animals, and to hunting itself, everything has changed. Cavemen hunted mammoths,and Siberian tigers, with spears, and their fists, knights, and kings from the dark ages, hunted with bows, and falcons, and the now day typical hunter with guns, and crossbows (maybe bows.)  “Why bring this up” you ask. “everything changes over time” you say. But one thing hasn’t changed: why humans hunt. I understand this is a touchy subject, and that not everyone understands me, and I will look in to this more in my next blog posts, but most sane hunters don’t kill animals for the fact of killing animals. Most supermarket meat is factory made in horrible conditions, and have Diseases like E. coli, and worse (for more information on these subjects look out for my new blog posts.) To conclude hunters aren’t psycho killers


Hunting now days. Hunting (like I said before) has changed a lot. Now day’s hunters use different weapons, and strategies depending on the hunted animal. different strategies exist. I won’t go into all of them, but I’ll name a few: stalking, of course which is following an animal until a perfect shot or angle is obtained. Dogging which requires one person too scare all the animals toward his fellow hunters. And the rare falconry which is as simple as training a bird of prey to fetch animals for you.

Hopefully you enjoyed my blog post, and learned a bit more about hunting. To recap this post: Hunting has existed for a long time among animals, and humans, Hunters aren’t psycho killers, there are many strategies to hunting. Finally comment, if you wish, and if you liked my first blog post stay tuned for more.


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